About Company

In the today’s fast changing business world IT has achieved the role of a key business driver that is a deciding factor to business strategies. It became an important focus area for today’s business decision makers to drive and cultivate transformation and to further improve processes of the organization to meet newer business challenges and keep themselves placed better in the market.

Since 2011, TANISI have adopted industry best methodologies for service & solution delivery, which is more business oriented and focused on enabling technologies integration as seamless as possible and positioning the core components as business enablers to the CEOs.

Our new offerings are in the domain of Cloud, Cyber security & IOT. Our cloud offerings ensure a seamless transition to public cloud/private cloud/hybrid cloud by helping customers in their cloud assessments with our offerings in Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Migration Services & Cloud Infrastructure Services. Our Cyber Security offering ensure a secure IT working platform with best security offerings including Data Leakage Prevention System with the help of Data classification. With our IOT related offerings we are helping our manufacturing segments customers to automate their existing setup and get more output with the same.

What customers need is……..Peace of mind.

In achieving our solution capabilities, TANISI services and solution offering has establish themselves at a place of foremost in the India’s terrain. Our talented and best trained team members ensure the desired uptime to our customers for their IT infrastructure, so that they can get the desired result from the same.

We persistently believe that IT infra security is a key business optimization element, which should successively and proactively managed and monitored to keep the system running smooth and secure. This is especially crucial when Information Technology is the driving force of the business.

Some of the areas they obstinately work on to provide best outcomes include:

  • Setup data leakage prevention control
  • Enable customers monitor data that are sent out using different mediums or mechanisms
  • Enable data control and integration in areas where it can impact organization and its employees financially, and where it can affect productivity, create legal violation and disturb reputation.
  • Help customers trace, detect and combat violations w.r.t data leakage and incident management