Cyber Security

Cybercriminals are finding innovative ways to attack our network. Considering the current scenario, 80% of business operations are done on the internet making the cyber network our current world. Therefore, protecting critical assets from compromise and attack is an imminent requirement; not to forget maintaining stringent security compliance. In an uncertain world, Tanisi Cyber Security Services make sure your business, employees, technology, data & information are empowered and protected.


Network Security

At least one-third of IT professionals are not confident about their cybersecurity and incident response plans and every 40 seconds an enterprise is hit by a network attack. Tanisi Cyber Security specialists understand that it can be an intimidating task for businesses to define and deploy an all-inclusive systematic security strategy. Henceforth, we create awareness on what is happening on the corporate network by working across the three key business elements, such as the technology, the people, and the processes.

Our ultimate goal is to lock your security and for that, we:

  • Ideate, design and develop customized processes that secure your business operations
  • Recognize the risk inherent in your technology and manage it effectively
  • Throw light on smart security choices and inspire your people

We offer full network visibility across all protocols, prevent data loss, and detect threats; we look deep into the content and ensure anti-virus software are up-to-date, firewalls activated and the security features configured accurately to lock your network security. Our through and through network security services ensure acceleration of micro-segmentation deployment and minimization of application-migration risk, simultaneously enabling clients to manage and scale Tanisi’s deployments. Be it health, finance or legal, be it retailers or leading firms, our competent professionals aim to deliver holistic network security and data protection strategies.

Endpoint Security

TANISI addresses the top endpoint security breaches in organizations, like web-based malware, social engineering, and ransomware. We focus on user endpoints protection with industry best practices, including automation of detecting and responding to endpoint and reduction of the time taken to detect breaches, respond to them, and contain breaches.

TANISI’s Endpoint Protection Applications/ Services act as the final line of defense for your file servers, desktops and laptops, and smartphones. We let you centrally manage the working of your security software to individual endpoints. Since every business is unique and comes with different needs, at Tanisi, you will get a choice between several endpoint protection services/ applications. Using optimized file-level backup, Tanisi gives you the necessary tools to accelerate data recovery speed and manage bandwidth on scattered networks.

We provide policy controlled backups, a centralized, silent deployment, and management that does not interfere productivity, and a remote access, absolutely secure, from any device, anywhere and any place.

We also offer flexible deployment options, global location tracking, and data erasing facilities from a remote location with time-based information and triggers.

Email Security

Now back up, archive and e-discover your emails – TANISI offers a complete Cloud-Based email security for organizations of all sizes and from all industries. Did you know the email is the leading pathway to enter for advanced cyber-threats like data theft, ransomware, malware, phishing etc.? Our tamper-proof archiving, data protection strategies, and state-of-the-art threat detection and containment technology make us a stringent player in email security services.

Whether it is Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or G Suite, TANISI IT Services offer simple, cost-effective, and competent user and data protection from email-borne threats. Our inbound filtering process gives protection to enterprises against spam, viruses, and phishing attacks round the clock. The process stops potential cyber threats from reaching your mail server mid-way. On the other hand, outbound filtering ensures prevention of data leakage and systematic encryption of sensitive data.

Advanced threats like Ransomware are handled against zero-day attacks by leveraging dynamic cloud-based micro- service that entails thorough analysis and several layers of detection, such as behavioral analytics and machine learning.

Furthermore, TANISI also helps organizations set up email retention policies that ensure the organizations are in compliant with business and government regulations, such as adherence to retention and defensible deletion policies.

Data Leakage Prevention solutions & services

On average, Data Leakage and Data Loss effects one in four businesses. Data leakage takes place when users send out critical information outside the corporate network. But, with our unparalleled Data Leakage Prevention Solutions and Services, you will be able to detect leaks on time within corporate networks. We provide a complete set of data loss detection tools that allow companies to swiftly and accurately establish strategies to stop data loss.

We also include network packet inspection for malware detection, such as spam bots, DDOS Zombies and suspicious port activity, and identification of all kinds of manipulations on the network. Our features include:

  • Scan data during movement through content and context inspection, and monitor, manage and block crucial file transfers
  • Safeguard data-in-transit by automatic, password-enabled and easy to use USB encryption
  • Secure, identify and manage data on mobile devices. Wipe data remotely and modify/change apps and network settings
  • Provide complete device control, such as USB and Peripheral ports, by enabling the lockdown device system
  • Find, identify and delete sensitive data through automatic and manual scans
  • Improve data accuracy with real-time data cleansing and validating, while simultaneously working on data quality
  • Get detailed picture on geolocation to know people’s data spending habits
  • Detect and track file modifications on real-time, including creation, deletions, merges and renames

Data Theft Monitoring

TANISI Data Theft Monitoring protects customers’ identity by tracking, scanning, and monitoring personal details. Data is the soul of any business, especially those which are e-commerce based or which carry online transactions. Fraudulent access to personal details can lead to illegal money transfer from a bank account or use of credit card details without users’ knowledge.

Identity theft is one of the biggest thefts lurking upon businesses today. Thieves can open new accounts on your name, sell your info, or use your bank details to file taxes, buy property and many more activities. You may not see it or feel it but it will eventually hurt you.

TANISI offers all-inclusive monitoring of your personal information and financial transaction. We not only keep an eye for fraudulent activities but also let you see your credit scores and consolidated reports at any time.

At TANISI, you will get two different types of monitoring services, namely:

  • Credit monitoring – Track activities on credit reports at major credit bureaus, and if an identity theft or mistake is spotted, we will implement steps to resolve the problem before the problem accelerates. Our monitor will warn you if a credit data theft takes place, if a company checks your credit history or if there is any credit limit or personal information change.


  • Identity Monitoring – Track personal information, such as bank account information, driver license, passport detail, social security number, or medical identification number and notify the customer if the information is being used in an abnormal or suspicious manner. To make this more authentic, we check databases that collect information to find out if there is any new or inaccurate personal information