The easiest way to integrate data and multiple devices or systems is by bringing in a packet full of IoT solutions. Tanisi empowers organizations with IoT based powerful infrastructure, designed for unlimited scalability, secure and encrypted stack for maximum protection, custom designed business rules and triggers, and so many other endless event-driven capabilities. In a rapidly evolving world, we guarantee a system that is 10 times faster and several times cost-effective than traditional methods.


IOT for Manufacturing

We help manufacturers overcome unique manufacturing and supply-chain complexities with excellence, derived from IoT insights and business intelligence.

We provide a suite of solutions that can transform the way people run their manufacturing unit through data integration, Internet of Things (IoT), predictive learning and machine learning. We bring together the physical world and digital world together and deploy all- inclusive productivity management for a connected network.

We reduce cost, such as inventory, recognize production gaps, lower utility wastage, decrease energy consumption and gain substantial process insights by lining up resources, energy, and effective management in order. Our IoT based services for Manufacturing provides performing analysis on the process and product-oriented data so as to capture fulfilling quality data and relevant information.

Our competent solutions also thrive to deliver improved on-time delivery performance by responding to late changes optimally and agilely. We also let manufacturers gain unparalleled visibility at all sections of work in progress and help them speed-up design-to-delivery cycles. In short, we help you become a digital-industrial manufacturing company.

We provide tools at the following stages and transform each process into a digitally empowered model:

  • Track and collect data & information across equipment, machinery, people, and plants
  • Determine metrics for tracking and analyzing processes
  • Monitor production and design plans to eliminate or minimize material wastage
  • Bring in innovation to traditional processes
  • Define your mode of operations better with a transparent view across entire production scope
  • Create customized features, such as specific dashboards
  • Establish visible pathways to generate new material bills quickly, change schedule, delegate and re-delegate employee work appropriately, and reroute elements

IOT for Data Centers

TANISI is always ready to help their customers if they are looking for a partner to help them with designing, implementing, troubleshooting and maintaining critical networks.

We know the complexity of data, video & voice applications and has expertise in design a secure and redundant network that can support all applications and give space for future expansion.

IOT for Healthcare

Our smart IoT for healthcare solutions and strategies systematically connect people, things, and processes seamlessly. We help you solve the healthcare industry-specific problems by bringing together business intelligence and powerful IoT Technology. Be it real-time notification and device management, data streaming process or product and service management, we easily bring data together from any system or device.

We all know, in health care, where the needs are endless, a seamless messaging and fast system interoperability is critical. Real-time connected technology is essential for high-performing and effective service-oriented industry, such as health care.

At Tanisi, we truly connect systems by harnessing the data stored across the organization and linking it with operations using an integration strategy that proffers holistic view across the ecosystem. Our healthcare architecture model empowers Government and Regional Health bodies and other Private organizations to improve patient safety, quality of patient care, the productivity of the administrators and care providers, and other resources involved by enabling digitization of the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Whether it is easing the claim processes, improving experience or reducing wait time, our technology-driven solutions are tailored to transform practices to work smarter and meet the overlapping demands of new era digital health.