Infrastructure Services

TANISI brings together a team of experienced professionals and proven methodologies to offer purpose fit infrastructure solutions and deliverables to meet specific business needs. With years of experience in design thinking and agile methodology, we help our clients implement new ways of business functioning, all the while simplifying the processes and optimizing the cost.


Network Design

IT networks have inevitably become the backbone of companies. At TANISI, we ensure that your business IT network is capable of meeting present data demands and is competent enough to cope up with future changes and demands

With data volume increasing each year, you need systemized network management software to streamline the process of analyzing and managing your network data. TANISI Network Design solutions employ intellect workflows that make it easier for organizations to mitigate risks and create a robust network channel. We offer several digital platforms that design and deliver digital business channels, models, and technologies to help organizations reinvent business. We also help companies adopt cloud technology for business reliability, agility, and speed.

We aim at connecting locations and connecting people while staying focused on connecting infrastructure. TANISI workforce is attuned to designing and implementing computer network solutions, tailored solely for your business, to overcome the challenges of distance, in terms of floors, buildings, cities, and even countries.

We connect your staff and business systems so that you stay concentrated on achieving your primary business goals.

Network Implementation & Support

We help you eliminate your company network based issues. We offer incredible implementation and support services to IT vendors, manufacturers, resellers, and end-users whose primary business operation is carried on the network.

Networks are usually complex, producing thousands of server issues and critical alerts every day. To quickly and efficiently resolve the complex issues, you need a robust design implementation and even better network monitoring, support, and management system our credit, we have an unparalleled network monitoring software that can be tailored to suit some or all aspects of service management.

Our support solutions are architected to offer proactive incident management and network monitoring, which allows businesses to measure MTRS. You can also realize how your business outcomes relate to network components.

Some of the salient features of our network implementation and support involve:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Automated network performance and responsiveness monitoring
  • Network security
  • Voice and data integration
  • LAN/WAN networking
  • Wireless networking solutions and
  • Server and host networking

Server / Storage

Data storage has no limit. Every business thrives on data, be it customer data, server data, product data or service data. As your business operations increase, the need to store and access more data doubles. However, there is no standard measure for server and storage technologies; each company comes with different requests for computing, reliability, consolidation, and data backups. At Tanisi, we design and implement an environment that helps businesses run complex web applications and IT software as efficiently and productively as possible.

With our years of experience in data handling and storing, we ensure your efforts to manage, monitor, and protect your network and data is made easy and simple.

We use a combination of high performing servers, comprehensive management tools, and energy-saving tech solutions to create tailor-made services pertaining to your business requirements, your interest, and budget.

We offer both onsite and offsite data storage and server support, thanks to our extensive use of cloud technologies. Thus, we ensure everything done via us is scalable, collaborative, and auditable. During your initial consultation with us, we first understand your network infrastructure and then offer expert solution covering different onsite and offsite combination that we deem best suitable for you.

Backup Solution

Since data backup is an integral part of business storage, at Tanisi we are capable of designing and managing a data backup solution that is determined based on your traditional network infrastructure and risk profile.

We offer hybrid cloud architecture that fixes glitches in no time. We offer accessing and data back-up in both local drives and cloud so that you and your clients’ hardware and data are protected from unforeseen risks and damages.

Our comprehensive solutions let organizations manage their backups from a single point, which streamlines the process and reduces cost simultaneously.

Audio / Video Conferencing Solutions

TANISI Audio/ Video Conferencing solutions help you connect with people globally. Barriers to communication can determine the success or failure of a business. Effective elimination of all barriers, from anywhere, on any device, is essentially the need of the day.

TANISI's all-inclusive cloud conferencing technology provides unmatched interoperability with several other video calling services to make sure that organizations connect and reach out to a global audience quickly and seamlessly.

We offer a highly intuitive and adaptive technology solution that enables greater collaboration, highly qualified meetings, and effortless idea sharing, from any part of the world, using any network interface, and from any electronic device. Whether you are engaged in a large auditorium hall or at your desk, small meeting room or on your mobile while driving, Tanisi video conferencing solutions accommodate everything and bring your entire audience in one closed room.

Now you can hold both internal and external meetings with promising software tools from Tanisi that allow text messaging, calling and other group conversational options, providing employees an opportunity to choose right communication at the right time.

Network Cabling Services & Assessment

TANISI offers a wide range of network cabling services and products from leading system manufacturers. Whether it is network installation, Wi-Fi solutions, leased lines, our solutions save time, limit disturbances, improve business communication, and reduce cost, all at the same time.

TANISI offers an array of cabling services for fulfilling a variety of organizational functions, including data, voice, security, and multimedia network. We have a team of certified engineers and technicians who analyze your requirement and then come together to build a future-ready solution to accommodate present and approaching changing business requirements.

We create electronic plans and fitted-drawings for your network and document all our processes for assessment and evaluation. In order to provide certifications for our installation services, we use state-of-the-art cable testers. Apart from this, we offer wireless AP locations, cab layouts, patch schedules, and many more personalized cabling services.

While working diligently in network cabling, we ensure that our paramount mission lies in projects safely by closely working with health and safety consultants.