Surveillance Solutions

TANISI Surveillance Solutions protect what matters most to you. Being one of the best surveillance providers in the world, we have the capability to transform the way surveillance and security is delivered with lab-tested, enterprise-grade and end-to-end video surveillance solutions. We can operate on any complex and risky infrastructure and make it simple to inspect, easy to test and validate, and quick to deploy.


Face Recognition for critical areas

We provide an intuitive and secure identity journey. One of the biggest challenges that large corporates, financial institutions, and legal companies face is the risk of frauds, theft, and burglary. Our smart and robust plug and play face recognition technology for critical areas solve the grave problem of face recognition, such as inefficient biometric expertise, multiple camera IP streams, and long integration time.

TANISI’s Face Recognition System not only is easy to integrate, but it has the potential to save man-hours as well as boost ROI. It brings an unprecedented number of facial recognition into an all-inclusive, personalized and ready-to-deploy solution. By implementing state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithm, Tanisi system reduces the time-to-market for challenging video surveillance.

Our Face Recognition technology also allows people counting, an inventive feature that lets stores, premises, and other commercial centers to count visitors, build a customer profile and calculate frequent visits. The feature can help businesses gain deeper insights into customer behavior, conversion rates, and trends.

Our solution helps commercial, industrial, retail, and governmental sectors prevent loss and damage to reputation and revenue by sending automatic alerts through live IP camera streams during critical examinations.

Key Features Include:

  • Fast and accurate face detection in multiple live video streams.
  • Automatic alerts.
  • Easy to configure and easy to integrate watch list.
  • Can handle up to 10 cameras at a time without diluting speed and precision
  • Suitable for multiple industries.
  • Powerful people counting algorithm that actively detects age and gender.
  • No biometric skills required to deploy the system.
  • Can be used to monitor premises through facial biometric for control access.
  • Ability to monitor a large group of people to rapidly identify security threats in critical areas using real-time face detection.

Physical Intrusion Detection

At TANISI, we diligently work in delivering the best, innovative solutions that let your people, your property, assets, operations, and information stay safe and secure from unexpected physical intrusion.

We help you discover how TANISI’s Physical Intrusion Detection solutions address the most common pain points you face every day; we walk you through our products’ ability in integrating with other systems and optimizing your investment, and we ensure that you find out how our solutions easily concur industry-specific challenges.

We bring together three key elements - Access Control, Unauthorised Detection, and Automation - to build one robust, unified and highly scalable solution, letting you manage your entire site from a sole interface.

Our technology is a combined system of hardware and software components that lets clients, from different walks of life, control the physical access to the insides of a building, room, interior, premise, or any closed space, while protecting the entire environment from intruders who invade, violate, or damage in any other way from outside.

The central controlling server is used to connect and access control all peripheral components, such as doors, locks, motion detectors, sensors, alarms, and other access end-points.

Key Features Include:

  • Monitor and restrict people movement inside premise and enhance security.
  • Rapid detection of unauthorized access with immediate alarm to control station.
  • Access control and physical intrusion detection of a wide range of building systems.
  • Standalone or fully integrated intercom solution.
  • An offsite monitoring station for heightened security.
  • Centralized control of residential properties or shared facilities.
  • A centrally managed system that reduces energy consumption and operating cost.

Motion Detection

We help you build for the unexpected challenges your home and commercial premise may face. We help you prepare for the worst while hoping for no major incidents. And so, we build backups and their backups. Our solution is engineered with a single focal point: to secure and protect.

Our Motion Detection systems are especially useful for homes bustling with kids. Highly attentive sensors are preinstalled within the motion detectors that seamlessly transform a detected motion into an electrical signal, which can be used to trigger alarms.

TANISI is completely equipped, in terms of expertise, technology, and tools, to provide fully customized dual-sensor technology, embedded signal processing to remove false alarms and wireless sensor system to communicate with centralized alarm systems

Our solution is built on the strongest networks – it is operable in both built-in cellular network connection and Wi-Fi. Our motion detector comes with six monitoring centers, so as to ensure there’s no single point of failure. If there is a power cut or a blackout, our inbuilt backup battery kicks start to continue sensing. Therefore, you not only get a 360-degree protection but also avail an uncompromising 24/7 security.

Our alert confirmation is so powerful that it does not seize unless the monitoring center confirms that the alarm has been recognized and action implemented. This way we make it absolutely sure that your family and loved ones are safe.

We offer deep signal encryption, from the sensor through base station all the way to monitoring station and back. Our monitor detector technology can be seamlessly integrated with your existing physical detection or security system without any additional investment. Detect motion up to 40 feet away.

Drone Mapping

TANISI’s Drone Mapping and Aerial Inspection services ensure the safety of your field personnel and bring down OPEX (operational expenses) considerably

Most industrial enterprises manage a huge area of field assets inventory that is spread across a large geographical area or located in a very remote and inconvenient place. Usually, field personnel put their safety at risk to inspect these hard-to-reach assets. Although, communication network, digital measures, and process automation are few steps taken to improve the visibility and inspection of such assets, the sheer size and scope of the business leave managers and field inspectors stressed to take care of the vast infrastructure.

TANISI Drone Mapping solution is nothing but ‘Virtual eyes’ that we put on companies’ assets for more précised and more visible aerial inspection. Tanisi’s unique drone mapping software solution delegates experts with control of assets inspection without any additional cost or any need for traveling to extremely remote and unsafe locations at odd hours.

We assign a team of subject matter experts who make the drone mapping safe and easy-to-use for any person operating the software. We work with your chosen in-house team and train them on how to use the drones safely.

With our Drone Mapping solution, now your remote experts can inspect the far-away location with live streaming from anywhere. Tanisi Aerial Drone Surveillance doubles safety, reduces staff required, increases risk management and produces accurate mapping records.

Learning a drone operation is as simple as learning to use a smartphone. The smart and intuitive interface of the software solution lets you use the drones for routine activities as well as for incident response.

Risk Assessment

TANISI’s Risk Assessment solutions let companies make informed decisions by identifying, assessing, and mitigating emerging risks. Our comprehensive Risk Assessment acts like a foundation that guides you towards most fit business decisions in terms of security and compliance. There are several types of risks and compliance a company might need to fulfill.

Our global risk assessment team serves as your trusted advisors who work together with your internal team. Our global Risk Assessment team is made up of veteran and highly intellect Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) and skilled consultants who are accredited with different certifications.

Information Security Risk Assessment

We offer the foundation to build or refurbish the most appropriate information security program for enterprises, which includes best business approaches, both customized and scaled accurately. Our comprehensive risk assessment report includes priorities, recommendations, and research findings. All of this will guide you to come to the best decision in-line with your risks.

Key Features Include:

  • Gain understanding of your risk exposures and vulnerabilities through key asset and system risk identification and risk mitigation.
  • Estimate the cost and likelihood effect of identified threats.
  • Provide estimates that guide your decisions for ROI, allocation of budget, efficient resource utilization, and control selection.
  • Address emerging threats so that businesses move along with the fast pace technology, and they secure scalability, enjoy reduced cost during new technology implementation and plan better strategies.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance standard requirement.