In this era of cutting edge technology, we have impregnable solutions for vulnerability concerns or malicious behavior. Our customized data security services help get an ideal solution for your data protection. Be ensured that your data is secured from unauthorized access and leakage. We help you safeguard your data across applications and platforms. Securing your data from internal threats is what we do. Our archetypal services for your sensitive data protection are our key to your success.


We work on different strategies to provide you with the best when talking about data flow. We map the flow of sensitive information in all of its forms, paths, storage, and exit points. We identify the data on the basis of its confidentiality as per our business stakeholders concern. Securing your data on the basis of who can access it without impacting the business itself.

Data Classification

With the aid of data classification, we assist you to tackle risk mitigation related to your data. We provide tools and platforms to classify data, so that proper security can be facilitated on the type of data being used, transferred, or retrieved. We enable your business to defend itself from a range of threats, by identifying the sensitive information and building security inside out.


For concerns related to cloud-based services like O365, One Drive, GSuite, Google Drive, Salesforce and many more similar services, CASB is the only name that comes to the rescue. To protect your SaaS applications, IaaS, and PaaS services from cyber attacks and data leaks, we provide you with the CASB umbrella. It is CASB that enables you with the visibility of access to the cloud by giving Shadow IT log. It allows secure access to your infra and provides Cloud DLP to ensure secured access and prevent data breach.

End Point DLP

Be assured as we provide assistance in setting the seal on the endpoint data breach. Limit the sharing of intentional or unintentional sharing of data with Endpoint DLP. We help you with industry best practices that includes monitoring or blocking of file transfer by its content like PII, IP, Source Code, etc, file type or classification; restricting the movement to external devices to ensure no data can be leaked from your database.


A robust tool to protect crucial information and fend off data leakage, IRM solutions safeguard your information. Put a cap on the rights related to the information being shared. Protect your files by limiting the privilege of editing or printing the information. Your information will always be secure. We can assist you with to the point solutions for Rights Management and Protection; and also ensure adoption of the same within your teams.

Privacy Management and Compliance

Privacy is becoming a necessity from a compliance point of view. As more and more governments are coming up with various Data Protection / Privacy regulations, which also have stringent penalties in place for any violations. We can help you manage privacy compliance with our platform offerings which also includes consulting to help you establish the framework, do a Privacy Impact Assessment as well. Our platform offering helps your organization manage end to end Privacy to be compliant to various regulations like GDPR, PDP, CCPA and many more.


Cyber Risk Management has become the necessity of an organization, it is no more an option. It is all about identifying and assessing risks, followed by choosing and applying relevant controls to ensure risk reduction for the organizations. These threats can hamper the organization’s income as well as reputation. With the evolution of technology, service outsourcing, the need of Risk mitigation has become an integral part of the progressing facets of businesses to ensure that all the risks are taken care of. It encompasess all three elements People, Process & Technology to ensure holistic coverage for the business.

Organisation Risk Management

We can provide you with a centralised platform for Risk Management and our experts can work with your teams to document and analyze the risks to provide you with a clear picture of the overall cyber risk exposure of your organization. Post the assessment of the risks, we can also facilitate you with relevant solutions to control them. The risks mitigation can be in either form be it technical or process or people controls. We can help you manage the cyber risks efficiently to ensure minimal impact on your business.

Third Party Cyber Risk Management

Managing third-party cyber risks was never easy. We unveil the cyber risk factors hiding in your supply chain. You can focus on your business while we are working apace with you and your trader to bring about significant cyber risk mitigation. With us, you can set in motion a third-party cyber risk management program with the resources you have in hand. We have rating platforms, assessment platforms and skilled analysts to assess third party suppliers and monitor the same on an ongoing basis.